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Jim Lee is a Korean-American artist and writer, who shot to fame with Marvel titles such as X-Men in the 90's. He created Wildstorm under Image Comics, which he later sold to DC Comics where he acted as Editorial Director. In 2010, he became Co-Publisher of DC Comics.

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Shared over 1 year ago
Date of interaction: 05/20/2007

This is a very old review, but I have to say that Jim Lee changed my life in 2007 when he drew my Batman convention sketch.

It was Supercon 2007, and only did sketches for the first 5 people in line. I was number 6. He told me if I wanted a sketch to come back later in the day, but I told him I had to go to prom at 5pm and would have to leave around 1pm. Jim told me to come before I left, and he would see what he could do.

I came back at 12:30, and Jim motioned me over and drew my Batman sketch. To this day, it's one of my favorite pieces 1) because it's a Jim Lee and 2) because of the story.

Jim is a great guy and though he has a very high rate, if you can flag him down at a convention you might just get lucky like me.